What works?

by Matt Janzen on February 4, 2013

Woodwork Works…for me.


I have been thinking about what I feel as a project progresses through all its stages.

First there’s the idea. Concept before application…envisioning before I start laying out materials. Within the idea of a project there are many angles of perspective that are focused on for me. I’m thinking about what I feel during this part of the process. Who might appreciate it and how it will make them feel is one of the highest priorities for me. I start thinking about the colors I will finish it with. What style for the project…many things are floating around in my head in the beginning stage.

My personal design preference is rustic mixed with a little classic baroque or something old. I like to be inspired when I look at something I have built. It makes me feel alive! It makes me feel productive and motivated!

I think all of us are given a very specific purpose and something we feel passionate about. I feel it is to give us the drive to find our path of specific relating to this world we are in. I feel it in all of my focuses now. My family, my career path (within which, there are three major focuses). I think if we are willing to work on seeing… we are given what we should see.

Life is like a big jigsaw puzzle to me. At first, all the pieces lay in a pile, haphazardly lying about. As we start to sort through them, patterns and solutions start to present themselves. The harder we seek the more we see it. The silliness…the happiness…the sadness…the love…the hate…all that we are and will become is waiting to be sorted through. My projects are just a small representation of this perspective I have on life. As I have gotten older (not old) I have looked back and it’s like seeing a plan all laid out but when I was in the moment experiencing the chaos or excitement it appeared haphazard.

I enjoy each horse I work with…the same way but it has much different specific dynamics.

My woodwork or artwork or anything “build” oriented, is a specific experience for me. I recently finished an outdoor furniture set and it was quite challenging to make sure it all looked produced together. I enjoyed this challenge immensely even when I was frustrated in moments of figuring out something. I had my fiancé helping me with another project for a birthday gift for her cousin. That added complexity of working together but also became a more complex reward of achieving together!

I am constantly amazed at this life. I get down…I’m even down today for some odd reason as I write this. It isn’t a feeling of despair or even anger or sadness…just down. I’m also having moments of inspiration as I envision an upcoming re-purpose project out of an old beat-up Armoire.

Enjoy the full gamut of yourself!

Find something you enjoy immensely that challenges you through the full experience of living your life.

Woodwork works for me…what works for you?

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