What now?

by Matt Janzen on December 16, 2016


What should we do now?

Sometimes we’re patient right now. Sometimes we’re taking action right now. Sometimes we are not sure whether to do something right now or wait and do something in a later now.

My point is don’t worry about before or about after.

Time will tell…that statement is so vague but also so specific. If we are able to be conscientiously available now then we don’t have to worry and wonder about what we did wrong before or what we’ll do wrong later.

Establishing several nows, with the right now focus, will take care of all nows very well. Do right now the best way you can and then what can happen right now will be something beautiful to look back on.

What can horses teach us about our time spent now?

Well, horses don’t know about time. They simply exist all the time they are existing. They qualify the time by comfort. If they’re hungry they eat, if they are tired they sleep, if they are scared they run, if they are trapped they fight…all right now and only now. They don’t think about before or after now. They do accumulate nows though. If you provide an interaction of comfortable nows than they will do more comfortable nows with you. If you provide several uncomfortable nows then they seek escaping or fighting you, simply because it’s uncomfortable to them. They will try anything to remove themselves or you from the equation if all you are is discomfort to them! They don’t have any other agenda.

If only life were so simple for us that we could produce comfortable and even more importantly,

value focused nows with each other.

Maybe we can’t but we can  try…

Right Now!

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