Trusting the Process…

by Matt Janzen on August 25, 2016

We use this phrase…“trust the process” a lot when we are going through changes. Even more so when we are going through big changes, like a transition in life.

I want to break this concept down a little bit for application in our focus process.

proc·ess1: (noun) 1.a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

When we come to a place of conflict…what keeps us focused in a way that gives us the capacity to “trust the process” and come through it with a positive outcome? The word conflict arises in experiences that require us to change, in and of itself, the word conflict gives humans a sense of apprehension. When we feel apprehension we have some choices if we approach our perspective with objectivity. Conflict can either be approached with avoidance focus or resolution focus. Whichever focus we identify with and focus on will create the energy within us that is needed for a change towards success. Avoidance focus will only create a space, a measurable amount of focus, that doesn’t promote any progress. At it’s worse level it even creates a regress, to a previous and already identified negative space. Even if it only gets us to digress off topic…this will result in a delay towards resolution.

Staying on task with a specific focus is our only opportunity to achieve a positive outcome.

Which focus?

Our only hope lies in focusing on resolution of the conflict. I constantly endeavor to seek hopeful outcome perspective, in doing so, I have found that it helps me identify where in the process that I can look specifically to find resolution focus. I identify any negative focus, be it fear or doubt, and flip it 180 degrees…like confidence, belief…looking at what that flip in focus would be.

Now, we start to see how we do the application of… “trust the process”.

With hopeful focus, resolving conflict focus, we see the breakdown of the process that promotes the trust we need to achieve a positive outcome in our process.

We change the energy, with simple identification of where we focus!

Process is trustworthy when we offer it something we can place trust in…fears and doubts are never something to place our trust in.

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