“Problem Horses”

by Matt Janzen on November 5, 2015

I have had many experiences that involved “problem horses”.


The common problem with all these “problem horses”, has been how the humans identified the “problem” or rather how they refused to correctly identify the problem…themselves.


The beauty of horses is that they only know being a horse. The issue is never a “problem horse” but a human that wants to only see a “problem horse” rather than seeing the interactive dynamics causing a problematic relationship. All of these “problem horses” had humans that exhibited dysfunctional behavior.


A functional healthy relationship IS NOT devoid of issues that need to be resolved. It does have sincere coping mechanism approaches that seek resolution and progress until the next issue arises and needs attention. A functional healthy relationship IS devoid of avoidance tactics, duplicity, lacking integrity, co-dependency… these are the stuff of dysfunction and always lead to more problems, not less.


I come into these scenarios of human and horse interactions with the focus of offering deeper perspective and values that will lead towards a healthy resolution. I identify core dynamic issues and begin working with those issues to promote and establish more comfortable, positive results.


Horses evaluate their comfort from one main place…energy. They are exceptional at identifying positive or negative energy on abstract levels. Their intellectual forte is simply doing instinct level reactions or responses based on the energy they are existing in every moment of their existence. When they exhibit their fear reactive instincts they are dangerously physical towards escaping or removing the source. When we identify the source of that motivation to be initiated or relieved by ourselves we are able to adjust to the good stuff…trust, developed communication, comfortable partnership values. If we don’t adjust, they don’t adjust. Horses don’t care about how much we have, except how much we have that promotes comfort on a stewardship and relating level in every moment that we interact with them.


It constantly amazes me how beautiful the potential outcomes are…

It consistently frustrates me, how humans rarely want to seek the beautiful potentials and seemingly, even prefer not to.


Possible… YES!

It is always based on the willingness or lack thereof to act out of sincere focus by the human that is what determines the results.

“I can’t buy a try and I can’t sell a won’t!”

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