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Do you seek making a better world and future, for yourself and for others? That is my sincerest endeavor! I have been very blessed in this life and I wish to share with you. Here I feature what I do, and my thoughts about the processes I go through in reaching deeper understanding. My personal experiences, I hope, will help you in your future. You will find several useful links to testimonials about my services, what they are and my contact information. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your time here!

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Trusting the Process…

August 25, 2016

We use this phrase…“trust the process” a lot when we are going through changes. Even more so when we are going through big changes, like a transition in life. I want to break this concept down a little bit for application in our focus process. proc·ess1: (noun) 1.a series of actions or steps taken in order […]

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Relationship Lesson within Trailer Loading Horses

November 16, 2015

One of the most common issues we have to resolve with horses…is trailer loading.   The way I approach this issue is fairly simple. The scenario can seem quite complex though.   How do we determine the best approach when we are trying to ask our horses to do something that they commonly resist? It’s pretty […]

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“Problem Horses”

November 5, 2015

I have had many experiences that involved “problem horses”.   The common problem with all these “problem horses”, has been how the humans identified the “problem” or rather how they refused to correctly identify the problem…themselves.

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Breathing with Horses

March 1, 2014

A.I.R. …breathing in horsemanship. ——————————————————————– Ask Identify Reward or Ask Identify Redirect ———————————————————————- Depending on whether the outcome is what was requested, you reward or redirect back towards the place or purpose that was being asked for. When we attach our thoughts towards dignified focus, we find that we start to achieve a more refined […]

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Defining the Box

October 31, 2013

It has become a common phrase for innovative thinking these days to think “outside of the box”. The “box” is a pre-conceived and formula approached agenda. It is valid on many levels because it works in a mass-market of majority monetary success value. What are some of the areas that many feel is too “box” […]

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Coping With Criticism As A Professional.

August 12, 2013

Many will take material that a professional has put out and critique it simply because they have it available to do so. When you step into a professional realm of exposure. It is part of what you have to deal with occasionally. When you step back from the personal feelings, you will see more often […]

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What works?

February 4, 2013

Woodwork Works…for me. Today… I have been thinking about what I feel as a project progresses through all its stages. First there’s the idea. Concept before application…envisioning before I start laying out materials. Within the idea of a project there are many angles of perspective that are focused on for me. I’m thinking about what […]

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Does Your Horse Get You?

January 30, 2013

Does Your Horse Get You? When you want to “play” with your horse…does your horse get it? Playing is a much more positive connotation on the interaction with your horse than any other label you could put on the interactions. What does your horse think of your interactions? Simply adjusting your thoughts…words will present a […]

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Furnishings Finish

January 26, 2013

Furnishings Finish        In the last few years, I have been building some furniture. I have always enjoyed seeing creative and inspirational furnishings. I think we often see something we like and it creates a mood for us. I have observed a good change in people; many are salvaging and “re-purposing” items to fit themself. I […]

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Frame of Mind

January 22, 2013

Mind Frame   “Betty” and I arrived at “Mary’s” around 10AM, Wednesday on a warm day in June, 2010.   As “Betty” and I were preparing to go over to “the ranch” where I was working with a client who boarded their horse….”Bil” showed up. He asked what we were doing this morning? I said […]

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