Mike H. – Austin, TX

by Matt Janzen on January 12, 2013

“I met a man who talks to horses. No, I really mean it. He communicates with horses. They meet, do a little dance and decide to work together, and the rest is a working relationship between horse and man, built on trust. It’s amazing to see.

I’ve always been sort of an outlaw, renegade, type A personality. It’s gotten me into more than my share of sticky situations. I’m 50 now and ridden and worked with horses, since I was four. I treated horses the same as I treated people, with a John Wayne, my way or the highway attitude. I’d just as soon snub you to a post, as talk to you. My communication skills with people was just as bad as my communication skills with horses.

But alas, I had the good fortune to meet Matt Janzen. His knowledge of horses and techniques in horsemanship, has helped me to re-think my communication skills on all levels, both horse and human. Matt speaks fluent horse. He taught me that if I put my lips together, look and listen, I can actually begin to understand and speak the horse language. The result in my horsemanship and communication skills is a complete 180 from everything I ever thought I knew or could accomplish, not only with a horse, but with people as well. Not only has Matt’s advice and instruction in the horse language helped me with my horsemanship, it’s helped me with my peoplemanship, as well. I have learned a better way. In your face and pushy, doesn’t produce near the positive results that some simple communication skills can produce. Thanks Matt for showing me how to communicate with the horses I love and the people in my life, as well, and for making snubbing posts a part of me and my horses past.”

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