Horse - Gift of Blessings



be the light



“When you plant a seed, there is something to feed, something to nourish and grow and to get to succeed. It may be for the ‘morrow, the month or the years but nothing can grow from the seeds of fears.”


Ego lost Soul found


“To hold onto faith requires one thing…letting go of fear.”


“When the ego rules…it makes our souls seem like fools. When the soul leads…even our egos are positive inspirational tools.”


“Feed your ego and it will damage your soul, feed your soul and your ego will end up thanking you too.”


“Put your energy into something good in your soul and your soul will put something good back into you.”


“Jealousy is just appreciation twisted up in self-doubt.”


“Thinking begins the doing. Don’t you think?”


“Mimicry is mere flattery, it is enticing but lacks the depth needed for growth. Growth requires more…more concept and specific definition in understanding for application.”

“Finding your path requires seeking. We are promised that if we seek, we will find. The complexity is seeking with confidence, not with fear. Simply redirect any worry into a positive focus. Go confidently where you have been told to go in your soul!”


“Every time you think a thought to outside of the box is the beginning of breaking down the walls towards a better place.”


“My answer to the age-old question…”What is the meaning of life?” It is to live a life of meaning.”


“How you conceive is how you will believe.”


“Enlightenment is enlightening because it isn’t so heavy to carry around!”


“Some think that “class” is the neighborhood they live in or how much money they have. That “upper” class is the lowest of class there is. Class of that kind, is a class I hope to start being more absent in!”


“Many get addicted to starting…many get addicted to achieving an end goal. How many truly embrace the middle and find how to enjoy what happens between the two, in the struggle?”


“Honesty needs no veil and integrity needs no diversion.”


“A hard truth may be intense in a single moment but dealing with hard truths momentarily, are much better then the lifetime that a single lie or avoiding the truth produces.”


“Many people want to adopt a passive approach to resolving issues. The problem with the passive approach, is that it is usually based in fear of action rather than confidence in producing positive potentials. Every potential outcome has two directions it can take. Whichever the action is premised in, fear or hope…is what predicts the outcome.”


“Sharing a dream with someone or someones is a beautiful thing! What really is beautiful is when the someone or someones put aside their own self-serving parts and give to the whole of the dream that makes it truly achievable!! Self-serving parts just leave holes in the dream potential!”


“Issues in life aren’t just a matter of time. A single moment of love can create a new lifetime. Don’t spend a lifetime waiting for one moment of love. Create a lifetime into a whole statement of love.”


“Everyday there is someone who see’s this world from a new perspective, that person shine’s light in corners that haven’t seen much light. Every one of us has the opportunity to shine some light where it’s been dark too long!”


“Don’t expect someone to understand your mind when you’re not willing to speak openly and honestly from your heart. A mind that speaks devoid of emotion is not speaking from the sincerity of their heart.”


“The someone you’re meant to be with…won’t be the one that tells you that they wished you were more like someone else they’d like to be with. They’ll appreciate you and tell you how much they like being with someone exactly like you.”


“Escaping your “troubles” isn’t the key. The key is confronting your issues at the fullest depth possible wherever you are. Then you can enjoy being anywhere!”



“The heart doesn’t need the mind to tell it what to love. The mind does need the heart to tell it what is true.” “Trying includes crying sometimes. the strong can be wrong, healing is in dealing, coping should include hoping.”


“Entertain your brain, inspire your desire, stimulate your imaginate, reinforce don’t divorce, motivate to create, carry instead of bury, hug don’t bug, kiss and find bliss, caress with finesse, have a great day!”


“If you want to be a horse whisperer. Whisper to your horse from your heart and your horse will respond with theirs.”


“Let us raise our children with sincere values, purpose and passion. It will not be perfect but it will be real.”

“Shoot it in the foot, it will limp. Stab it in the heart, it will die!”


“People say that ignorance is bliss but who in their right mind would want bliss at the price of ignorance?”


“Committing to love halfway, has always felt like only half of what it should be, to me, for some odd and peculiar reason. Whether it’s your spouse, family, your friends or interests. Make love the highest priority and you’ll have the whole.”


“We all say: “Things happen for a reason.” That’s somewhat vague though,isn’t it? Shouldn’t we consider the phrase to be a little more definitive? How about…”Things happen for a reason and it’s our responsibility to cultivate good results out of these things. God gives us opportunities to find more depth of perception as we grow, not less.”


“It takes a willing heart and mind to seek and explore a depth of perspective. Having courage to look inside honestly, it can be scary. Some keep the goal of insight… in sight… rather then focusing on the initial anxiety. Fear is NOT where depth of positive perspective and understanding, with the potential of growth, comes from.”



“Many people embellish when they want to promote something they want. The reverse is not so fun though when they become afraid of the realistic commitment. The embellishment becomes fabrication and accusation in the negative mind frame of fear expression”


“We SHOULD give permission to others to use our love but we should NEVER give someone permission to abuse our love.”


“The bad thing about frustrating experiences is that we can become unwilling to be willing.”


“Anyone can feel secure in the shallows…true courage is reflected when you dive into the deep”


“It’s the pursuit of completion…that completes us.”


“The beauty of horses is that they never give a veiled expression. They are a true mirror of honest communication. If you get negative reactions then heighten your awareness of your own energy and focus more towards developing positive response.”


“When life feels full of anxiety. Embrace understanding yourself instead of avoiding yourself. God has a place in each moment of every day. He’s asking you to seek depth and the depth of the unknown is always anxious feeling. Exploring where your at, will bring you understanding and relieve the anxiety, opening up the potentials for where you are going.”

“The truth is defined in the hard times…anyone can enjoy the easy times. Confronting issues with the focus of the potential positive growth is the only focus that will result in positive growth. This is having faith.”

“Love begins as an abstract and undefined feeling that becomes specifically defined in the actions of commitment. The depth of commitment, defines the potentials. A relationship is the act of trying to relate to another, not dictate another.”


“Faith is simply believing, hope is having faith even when it doesn’t seem possible and love is combining them both with another.”


“Fear is the rope that restrains our potentials. Love can be the knife that liberates us unless we let it cut too deeply.”



“The bad thing about the human condition is that it is too often conditioned by others negative influence. The good thing about the human condition is the capacity to rise above and be positive regardless of this influence.”


“Love focuses on how to overcome issues that make life more difficult. It gives hope in the face of doubt and dispels fear and inspires strength. Issues in life will always arise…love defines fortitude  and diminishes their effects.”


“Profound passionate expression is never a casual endeavor!”


“Commitment is an act of love. The reward is in the simplicity of devotion in any circumstance.”


“Don’t stare at the ceiling when the writing is on the wall.”


“The past and the future… both lie on the same path. Holding both pain and pleasure in this life, the pain of the past even enriches the appreciation of the pleasures, giving us hope for positive changes for a brighter future.”