Maria Axmann – Rock-N-App Ranch, KS

by Matt Janzen on January 12, 2013

“Matt you have helped me tremendously with my understanding of my own horses.  After the day we spent together I starting taking what I learned and working with my lead mare.  I had been so frustrated going out to the pasture and having to chase her down just to go riding.  Now I can kiss to her and she comes to me!  Not only that but, after a very short session in ground school when I leave an area she just stands there waiting for me to come back or give her permission to leave.  I love it!  I have decided to implement a few minutes of ground school prior to riding any of my horses just to make sure I really have their attention and that we are in on the same wave length prior to riding.  Again I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to working with you again!”

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