Furnishings Finish

by Matt Janzen on January 26, 2013

Furnishings Finish       

In the last few years, I have been building some furniture. I have always enjoyed seeing creative and inspirational furnishings.

I think we often see something we like and it creates a mood for us. I have observed a good change in people; many are salvaging and “re-purposing” items to fit themself. I think this is important because we create an environment that recognizes relieving stress factors on new levels.

Every aspect of my life now has become an existence of creating a good “feel”, for myself but more importantly, for others. I wish to explore these viewpoints constantly on deeper levels than I previously  may have acknowledged. I have sought this perspective in my horsemanship and it has taken me to new levels of appreciation and knowledge. I feel like I’m on a threshold of comprehension that is only in a seedling stage. The roots are establishing themselves and then the growth will become slowed but not less important.

I have traveled to many places. From Canada to Texas and from Kansas to California and it has broadened my perspective on many levels. The path has not been smooth. In fact, it has been quite rocky at times…as each phase recedes in time, I see new viewpoints that were meant to happen for my future understanding.

I am sure you are wondering…what does this title have to do with this life perspective writing?

The reason I titled this “Furnishing Finish” is because just in the deciding on what type of finish I’m going to put on a piece of furniture. That awareness has revealed awareness levels concerning appreciating full-process. As I build, I’m already envisioning the finish “covering”. I feel we all can use better awareness of that in our lives.

If we envision the “finish” that we will become, it will help us get there with more present consideration and appreciation.

So remember…

“No matter where you go…there you are. Enjoy being there while you’re getting to your future unknown destination.”

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