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by Matt Janzen on January 12, 2013

As a new horse owner I needed training myself and confidence in working with my gelding, Dakota,of the Rocky Mountain breed. I’ve had him since the day he was born and had developed a great relationship with him, but as I said, I was a new horse owner. When Dakota become of age, I sent him off to a trainer to put 60 days on him, but that didn’t help me none. He is tall and quick and when the trainer returned him, he suggested I not ride him yet. He instructed me to bring Dakota back the following spring and let him put another 30 days on him.

Well that spring I called Matt instead. He came to our ranch to work with the two of us one on one. I knew I needed the training as much if not more than Dakota. Watching Matt build Dakota’s trust in him was amazing. Matt watches everything horses do and how they react. He knows how to read a horse and the body language to understand where their head is at. As he says, they are a prey species so you have to look for the ques to understand where they are in the moment. Matt helped me so much just listening and watching him work with Dakota. Matt quickly establishes the dominant role with the horse yet in a quiet trusting manner. He gets the horse to know exactly what is expected of them and they willingly submit to the interaction.

I also have a younger Rocky Mountain with no work done on her. After an hour of working with her, Matt was on her back. I was shocked! Horses just understand and seem to appreciate the leadership role Matt establishes with them. Pressure and release he says. He studies the horse every second to know exactly when to release the pressure or put on the pressure. Knowing this timing I feel is how Matt is able to establish a trusting relationship with the horse so quickly. This timing is everything. It removes the confusion factor. So many times horses reactions are due to conflicting or confusing demands we bring into play. We may know what we are wanting from the horse and just not have the knowledge and keen eye of what to look for from the horse or how to communicate with it.

Anyone needing help with their horse would be very pleased with what Matt can help them with. Each day he was with us, Matt would discuss what we wanted to accomplish for the day and then talk through how the day would play out. He develops a plan and sets goals each day for you and your horse for what needs to be accomplished.

Should anyone need to build a better relationship with their horse or to better understand how to communicate with their horse, I would say Matt is your guy. He listens to understand your level as well as the horses and then targets the areas you both need. I’ve still got a lot to learn myself and will need to have Matt come back sometime to work with my little girl, Dakota’s sister. Horses are a beautiful, powerful species to be respected and managed/controlled. Thanks Matt for how you have helped me and the thought process I go through each time I work with Dakota now. I better understand how horses think and factor that in.

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