Defining the Box

by Matt Janzen on October 31, 2013

It has become a common phrase for innovative thinking these days to think “outside of the box”.

The “box” is a pre-conceived and formula approached agenda. It is valid on many levels because it works in a mass-market of majority monetary success value.

What are some of the areas that many feel is too “box” thinking?


The examples I could use are: Education, Government, Society, etc. and why do some feel this box isn’t working. Well, that is a huge topic for discussion and way too long for this blog.

Let me deal with this topic on a level that is closer to home for me. In horsemanship and creative endeavors; artwork or furniture. I feel like the “box” thinking always minimizes creative potentials that simply haven’t become defined yet. The box fits many people but the key factor is that it doesn’t fit everyone. Many innovative thinkers have launched this country into areas that are incredible and established the current “box” of general thinking.

The key thought for me here, is that at the time of their inception and introduction. They often were thought of as too “outside the box”.

The box can be great for a comparison value identification to produce new creativity that is perceived outside “the box” in the beginning. I like to refer to this process as thinking just in the corner of the limit of “the box” so that it can jump right out very quickly.

The definitive is whether the value becomes an identifiable positive quality of growth.

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