Cynthia Sharp – Rockin’ C Ranch, Texas

by Matt Janzen on January 12, 2013

“My Daughter and I took the Bridging the Gaps two day clinic with Matt Janzen in November 2009. Wow, I learned several things about horses that I did not know and about ourselves. Day One- we did ground work and worked on getting in tune with our horses. My daughter was there and we really had a good time bonding with each other and our horses. She was afraid to ride the first day in the morning, but by the afternoon she was out riding me. What a great change. She took the challenge that Matt gave her and rode bit-less.  Her horse had a habit of rearing up, without a bit this horse did not have that problem. I also took the challenge and did the wonderful bit-less riding. My horse was so much better, he did not toss his head or get all upset. We were riding in the arena at this time.Day Two- review the information we learned the day before and did more bit-less riding. Matt packed us all up and we headed off to the trails. Now, Hummm I really did not think that I or my daughter could handle this. Needless to say, my daughter got right up and told me to hurry up! We all went out and rode the trails. What a wonderful day it was. I saw growth in both myself and my daughter. The horses were happier because they did not have a bit. Did not have any problem, all the horse were well behaved.  I really enjoyed myself and did learn about my horse and me, we have a better understanding of ourselves.”

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