Coping With Criticism As A Professional.

by Matt Janzen on August 12, 2013

Many will take material that a professional has put out and critique it simply because they have it available to do so.

When you step into a professional realm of exposure. It is part of what you have to deal with occasionally. When you step back from the personal feelings, you will see more often than not, the person critiquing is often not in the same realm of available vulnerability. They haven’t put themselves in the same existence. When a critique comes from a source that doesn’t have anything of the same value to evaluate (IE. their own videos and published literature), I simply don’t concern myself with their statements. If they are legitimately trying to help others then they will have material that is available to be seen also. Otherwise, they are just taking advantage of opportunity and projecting their own lacking perspective.

If people sincerely want to learn from material. They will be decent and discerning about overt criticism. Integrity reveals itself in many formats. This is something that few think about when they act in this realm but worry not, it really isn’t about your material, it is simply about insecure projection expression.

Coping is about seeing worth for progress. Cope through the initial moments simply by moving past and continue with the focus towards helping others. Never determine what you put out by lacking perspectives that may possibly impact the message you are trying to convey. Continue to focus on the individuals that will use your material towards positive enlightened perspectives.

Keep on Keeping ON! Fight the good fight!!

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