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Matt Speaking at Launch Me


(Discovering Equine Engaged Perspective)                 

Brave the Deep!

How do we inspire others to be the best they can be?

I have found that it comes from angles that motivate new perspective. When we approach from removed angles of thought and apply it to our current thoughts, then we have fresh ideas to grow from.

My experiences in learning have always been the best learning experiences when I learned from someone who taught differently than most. The more demanding our endeavor seems, the more it demands us to seek deeper insight.  Avoiding an issue only creates a void, a hole in our perspective and in our potential. Issues that seem more problematic are the ones that will help us to seek better angles that are unique for those problems. When I have been challenged by someone or some experience to see out of the initial box my thoughts put me in…I have learned the best values. These kinds of lessons challenge all of us towards  helping resolve issues that affect us the most, this is the focus that can create the highest potential outcome levels in results.

Launch Me

My message isn’t just about horses…it is about life and inspiration. It is about seeking values in our endeavors. Helping you heighten your personal awareness levels can be achieved through many different experiences. It is an understanding that I transfer from learning through interacting with horses but is applicable for any endeavor.

I guarantee that the perspectives I teach will achieve positive results. All that is required to learn is the sincere willingness to learn and then grow.

The booklet below offers an overview of my coaching program using horses for gaining unique perspective.

Read it as a PDF or view the images below.