Humans with Horses


“When you are doing things with your horse, you aren’t teaching your horse how to do things for you, You are learning yourself, how to do things with your horse.” ~Matthew Curtis Janzen

Matt will help you with your horses or teach you with one of his own horses through applying philosophies and techniques that are defined by more positive and comfortable response.




What makes Matt’s approach different?


Every equine has a unique temperament and disposition. Because of this, every equine needs to be developed differently. This requires a unique understanding. Whether you want to develop a young equine, or an older equine, insightful guidance will effectively help you develop your equine. You can count on Matt to help you develop your equine relationship(s).

Matt has developed several environments to fit your specific needs:

  • Private one on one lessons (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rates)
  • Group lessons (minimum 4 to maximum of 6 clients per session, clinic or course study)
  • Problem solving 2-day clinics (groundwork and riding foundation issues, starting under saddle, trailer loading, etc.)
  • Hands on course studies
  • Matt can also work with you at your facility, so that it has deeper “your world” application potential.