About Me

Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” ~ Parker Palmer

Who is Matthew Curtis Janzen?

I ask myself and God that same question daily…not as a desperate plea but as an intentional question to focus and grow in my perspective.

This page will hopefully provide some insight into who I am and how I have arrived to where I am now.

In my early adulthood, my idea of creating a good life was to work skilled trade jobs first and pursue my passions second. In my 20’s, I worked as a carpenter and flour miller. When I was approaching 30, I got a job in the petroleum industry, which I stayed in for 11 years. It paid a good living at the cost of making my soul poor.

Many people have life-changing events. My “awakening” began from a car wreck in 2002 that resulted in a neck injury and surgery. It motivated me to start taking a close, deeper look at where I was going with my life.

In 2008, I finally began to understand what God was calling me to. I realized my passions and talents were gifts to be cultivated on a primary focus level. I threw my hat in the professional horseman ring. My brand name for that endeavor is Bridging the Gaps: Equine Training.

I had achieved a decent level of material success and learned how that success alone is very lacking. I lost my well paying job and started looking deeper at how and why my life was created. I felt that God was guiding me to what I was made to do in a more soulful focused approach.

I had always had a deep passion for horses but even more so, a strong desire for understanding how to work with them the most comfortably, for the human and equine alike. Through that passion, I consistently have found more God and faith perspective to apply in my existence with more focused intention.

My journey for understanding the deeper dynamics of horsemanship began from a passion for equines since I was old enough to walk. I have been studying and training horses, mules and donkeys since I got my first horse at the age of 13. In my mid-20’s, my quest for better understanding, led to studying philosophies and techniques that would create a better value approach to my relationship understanding with equines.

I have a strong desire to help others understand the deeper values in themselves. Through heightened self-awareness development, we  can find the levels that truly help our lives.

The deeper understanding in the human-horse interaction has helped me establish some fundamental psychological and philosophical concepts that can be applied in daily life; transitioning into a broader endeavor than equines, expanding into applying that into helping others understand themselves better.

I have also been an artist and craftsman for most of my life. These talents are portrayed by a natural and emotional connection to my works which range from drawing and painting to furniture building. In 2005, I achieved professional status with my first commissioned drawing. Southwind Spirit Studio is my creative brand name for my artwork and furniture building.