Does Your Horse Get You?

by Matt Janzen on January 30, 2013

Does Your Horse Get You?

When you want to “play” with your horse…does your horse get it?

Playing is a much more positive connotation on the interaction with your horse than any other label you could put on the interactions. What does your horse think of your interactions? Simply adjusting your thoughts…words will present a more positive energy to your equine. Horses love to “play”…they love to connect and even follow your lead if you can conceive of what that means; you’re on your way to true horseman or horsewoman-ship!

Do you play running barrels? Do you play roping a calf? Do you ride trails playfully?

We often get lost in the emotions of interacting with these beautiful creatures. They feel so good to us on many levels; visually, through their energy, tactilely, they even smell good naturally. So why get lost in some of the tensions that are simply emotional? Because that’s how strongly they impact us!

This awareness is what can guide us towards guiding our equine interactions to a more positive angle. You will even find yourself guiding the rest of your life to a more positive existence through this perspective.

I see the priority sequence of being a good leader in our equine relationships as these: heightened awareness, knowledge – physiological and psychological principles and dynamics, abstract energy concepts and then improving our application skillsets.


The body language of horses is fairly non-verbal. It does speak very loudly though…even when it is subtle. Sometimes, I just go out and see if I can go into the pasture where there is more space to be away from me than to be close to me and see if I can endear my horse to stay with me. It can be a very frustrating exercise if done with negative focus. It can either make your day or ruin your day according to how you define it.

Define your viewpoint to point towards a more positive focus and you will experience it on the “make your day” angle.

It’s all in the getting…getting your focus to a more positive perspective.

I hope this helps you help your horse get you!

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