Perspective: Fear or Faith

by Matt Janzen on January 21, 2013

How do we identify when our motive is focused more positive. How can we improve it to a majority of healthy values?

For me, one of the biggest identifying motives I try to keep a constant vigil on, is recognizing motive premised in fear.

For example, when I step into the saddle for the first time on a horse that hasn’t been ridden previously, I have two options to focus on. I can focus on the unknown negative potentials or I can focus on the unknown positive potential outcome. Fear drives the negative potential focus and faith drives the positive potential.

If I focus on the negatives…my focus could be: “This horse is unaccustomed to this and might not like it, the horse might buck, the horse might rear, he might bolt and run around like the horse thinks it is going to die.” These focuses are legitimate concerns. They definitely COULD happen…the difference between they COULD and they WILL is my willingness not to predict them happening with my energy and focus. The ONLY reason these negative reactions would happen is because of fear of what could happen negatively. If the horse feels fear from me more than comfort, it will go into self-preservation instinct reactions. Flight or fight instinct…either one is very dangerous with me on their back for the first time. This is when I have to intentionally focus on how to instill comfort more than fear. I could avoid this whole endeavor but avoiding the whole interaction isn’t very productive, so my choice has to be a more positive one. If I prepare the horse thoroughly, helping the horse understand, from the groundwork, progressing to when I am in the saddle…that is the key!

We can apply this lesson in focus to anything we do. It really doesn’t matter what scenario, whether it is in conversations with each other or in actual physical involvement of higher risk value activities.

Horsemanship helps us heighten awareness of many areas that produce more positive results. I want to help others see positive potential with the awareness exhibited with horses. This removed and more unique interaction can be a more comfortable place to explore. They have helped me come to a focus outside of my fears and inside my faith. I project comfort and guide the horse through positive energy focus; demeanor and body language, through understanding specific species dynamics; psychological and physiological and then I have safer, healthier interactions. When I apply this same awareness to humanship, I rise above my own insecurities and develop more secure values. Anyone can learn these values with horsemanship because it transfers to everything that we do.

Managing our focus is a heightened, thoughtful approach to producing more positive outcomes. The reactive approach is usually negative thoughts and feelings getting more focus, they can’t be our majority of perspective because of the outcome they produce.

Faith or fear awareness is paramount to producing everything to a better outcome!

Have a beautiful day!

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