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What Matters?

by Matt Janzen on November 29, 2018

In this life, in each person’s existence, what truly matters? Feeling worthy!

“Many of us have heard the phrase, “Mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it don’t matter.”

What is even worse though, is that many actually think…”Mind over matter, if I don’t matter, I don’t mind.”

What don’t they mind? They don’t matter, so being abused doesn’t matter either, they don’t matter so abusing other’s, doesn’t matter either. When someone feels worthless, they don’t mind defining other’s worthlessly also. Surely this is an justice to our most basic need of feeling worthy. Do worthy and you won’t feel worthless and those around you won’t either.”

What is worthy? Worthy what?

Ah, now we have to start to think, don’t we?

Worthy focus, worthy validation, worthy energy.

Worthy Focus: this is somewhat relative to what someone is going through but overall…worthy focus has to be focusing on how to reach sincere positive potentials. What we do and how we do it, can actually create positive outcomes.

Worthy Validation: validating what? Validating self, validating others. Making each other feel worthy of just simple existence even.

Worthy Energy: positive energy to some, means… just getting what they want. The most worthy energy is an approach to anything and everything that gets anyone what they need, which also, ultimately satisfies what anyone wants.

I hope these thoughts have piqued your interest to become the best that you can be and have you thinking positively!

Thank you and God bless you!


Psychological Projection

All humans do it, all humans can do is try and recognize when and then why?

How does this relate to horses, we do it with them all the time, if we aren’t careful. We do it when we ask them for something and they don’t understand well enough and refuse to do the task asked for. If we don’t look at how we’re communicating, we blame the horse or mule for not understanding. They only mirror what we are, they can only accommodate at the level we put in.  We do it in many other area’s also, like with each other too.

How do we examine our insecure self-identity, aka. ego, in a comfortable way to produce positive outcome shifts?

How do we help our sub-conscious behavior mind recognize something that our conscious mind isn’t seeing already?

How do we take the mask of insecurity off and reveal the truth to find a real positive potential from an unreal negative impulse? Our vulnerability in these aspects can be so overwhelming but dealing with them correctly can also be very liberating!


What is it exactly?

Psychological Projection: dealing with uncomfortable feelings and emotions negatively focused.

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Healthy Conflict Resolution – Humans or Equines

June 13, 2018

CONFLICT! Ah, that’s a scary word isn’t it!?!? RESOLUTION Now that one sounds comfortable… So, why do people not see that conflict can be a healthy part of life. Only if we seek healthy dynamics in it. In a conflict if any of the parties have to sacrifice values that are sincere oriented. That IS […]

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YOUnique Perspective

May 30, 2018

We’re all given unique perspective, each one of us… Some of us are raised by those who only have one hope…to have us see only how they see…only what they see. If we happen to see more or less in what they see, they judge, they manipulate, they give huge energy into trying to make […]

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Your Voice – It’s yours, speak it.

April 28, 2018

Everyone has thoughts and ideas that they should be allowed to freely express to whomever they wish.   What is interesting is that many would tell you which ones and to whom they can be expressed. Why? What are they afraid of? I’ve never really understood that kind of fear. I want to hear your thoughts, […]

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Be The Highway, Not Just The Wheels

March 23, 2018

Perspective is always adjustable. It all depends on the initiators focus. What did the band Audioslave mean with this song: What it means to me is…to own our role in life and for me especially…with interactions, interactions with humans and horses. Am I just the wheels that roll over the highway and use it or am […]

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From Beasts of Burden to Beasts of Blessings

March 17, 2018

Here are some pictures of my grandpa with his Percherons, on my mom’s side of the family.         It is always interesting to me to look at these old photos and imagine how they interacted with their horses. Horses helped us daily back then to achieve many things…they still do these days but […]

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Extremes – The Human’s and the Horse’s

March 17, 2018

Extremes are difficult, both in ourselves and in our equines. One thing I do, whether it’s my own extremes or an equine’s… is… I look at patterns of triggers. When you look for patterns you remove the “this time” aspect and see more objectively. Subjectivity will get us lost in how to see a solution […]

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PTSD – Why interacting with Horses can help.

March 14, 2018

Simply put…we know that to help heal PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), there needs to be activities that help reconnect the neuropathways disrupted that occur during a high level trauma event. Horse interactions, when coached correctly, create an active connection experience that doesn’t include any judgment or interference that helps those affected by PTSD rebuild […]

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What now?

December 16, 2016

What should we do now?

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